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Tonight, they're burning the roads they built to lead us to the light. [entries|friends|calendar]
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damn maybe i should update for real [05 Feb 2006|03:37pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

ok so its been like 17 years since i have actually taken time to write something simi meaningful in this thing and well alot had happend but whatever

main thing is concert band hath started and im already figuring out that im fucked in every way possiable man its gonna suck being 1st and shizzzz meh it could be worse i guess...wait...no hahaha but indoor drumline is good fun its not as stressful and justin mabry is a beast...a sexy beast of course

lately all of my friends have been extra annoying i mean yes i probley (wait i do) annoy them but jesus titty fukcing christ my god i just want to trow them off a cliff most the time and well that isnt good...

my classes are going ok i just wish i were back in honers cause regular is too easy even for me and thats means something...i just wish you had more time to be a kid and not have to grow up so early it sucks having to think 50 years ahead when your only 15 cause everything you do effects your future and i really dont like that fact plus my parents and me are having problems, they will be married for 20 years next month and its just like they are getting fed up with eachother and me and im getting worried for there relationship is kinda dieing and i dont want that

im just worried thats all tho

I am over it

woah [01 Jan 2006|01:38pm]
my internet has been acting so starnge lately and its bugging the piss out of me ahhhhhh
I am over it

YEAH [24 Dec 2005|07:56pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

hahahaha i havented updated in years so merry christmas ahhhhhhhh

I am over it

woah [16 Oct 2005|05:21pm]
[ mood | confused ]

i really really really need to acculay update these things
i saw allen klaes
and i am so happy for it being said
u wouldnt know
no one would
but yes
i am crazy
and i love cody fender
sorry everyone
im very confused

I am over it

i dont have much goin on as of now [03 Sep 2005|12:24pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

well i do but im lazy...aprils birthday is coming up and cody hates pep rallys IM GONE TO WATCH SIN CITY BYE

I am over it

i guess so... [28 Aug 2005|09:07am]
[ mood | calm ]

the Idiot Savant
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Because it's so easily appreciated, and often wacky and physical, your
sense of humor never ceases to amuse your friends. Most realize that
there's a sly intelligence and a knowing wink to your tastes. Your
sense of humor could be called 'anti-pretentious'--but paradoxically
enough, that indicates you're smarter than most.

PEOPLE LIKE YOU: Johnny Knoxville - Jimmy Kimmel

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I am over it

band today went ok [27 Aug 2005|03:22pm]
[ mood | tired ]

*yawn* hmmmm
there was band practice today 9 to 12 and the only real reason i went was to see mr.henson cause he is sexy...well...was...my god i hate zach vanderelzen and bryan moore im sorry of everyone likes them but i just dont, and mr.henson was only an hour and 30 minutes late hahaha wow he has lost his appeal for some reason...meh i guess it was better in jeans than shorts...i am quite tired i have been drinking so much coffee. *bangs head on desk* ow

...i must admit this years band is acculay ok...and i have my junior and senior year planned out and im very excited...i might drop symphonic band next year for leadership if i manage to win this year...my sweat stains are the best ever wow maynard would be so proud.

"yes killing is badong, so i will stand for the oppisite of badong...ganawdab!"
ah yes kung pow never fails me.

chris wilson is awesome and i love cody fender and such muah!!!! i leave you with this...BAH

I am over it

RESPECT *falls out of chair* [26 Aug 2005|06:04pm]
[ mood | happy ]

ahaahahaha wow i never knew cody was that ticklish...he wont admit it but come on if you fall out of your chair when grabbed your ticklish ahahah...my feet smell like death hahahah whatever anyways i have been bad about updating...its like i have the time but i just never get to it you kno? hahah whatever its all good you guys can live.

anywho today was pretty good, yesterday when i thought someone had stolen my cd player jessica baldwin was acculay playing a trick on me hahahah my god i was mad but its ok i needed some thing like that...GAH my feet *wants to puke* hahahah well whatever according to mr.boone yesterdays band pratice was really good...seemed the same to me but whatever floats your boat...

"whats a MILF?"
"ok no you cant name your group that cause they laughed"

hahahah my god mr.lapp is cool

woah its weird its like cody is just getting better and better but then again there is one other person (who is indeed male im not like that bleh)im starting to like but whatever cody is the love of my life and he will always prevail! WAH im sam coffey ahhaah SECONDARY BABIES! MOVE FORWARD

oh and the of montreal concert at teh grey eagle was fucking amazing ah i loved it, i got to talk to the black haired guy from the management (which is indeed a band) hahahah he was really cool. i was expecting of montreal to suck but im happy with them and i got one of their cd's which im listening to as this is being typed. wow all the sexy people there...the danceing...the twins...their asses mmmm it was like heaven! and i got free coffee cause im awesome like that (6 cups to be excat) but yeah and rio burrito is very good too. *sends thank yous to lyn-z jessica and caroline and of course dad for providing the transportation* :-D


my classes are going quite well and the current events (thanks lara and cody) turned out ok...and chris wilson is still a sexy beast mmm hell yea hahahaha

i have missed youth alot and wow it sucks i like my youth group ill be there next wensday *i cant spell it*

as of now i am a very happy person for the time being wow its all good
but now im off to play half life and visit with someone i havent seen in a long time
jason lunsford likes cake and i get to see good old mr.henson tommorow at band practice...this update was long

3 of you are I am over it

school has arrived [22 Aug 2005|06:30pm]
[ mood | loved ]

YES! school is here and its gonna be easy
woooo yea i was suprized...yea i eman i am surrounded my morons (no offence) but wow its all easy stuff that i can do in like 5 minutes.

mr.lapp is pretty cool and computer apps hurt ahahahah brad


the football game was funny...
im out I LOVE CODY

I am over it

first day is coming up fast [15 Aug 2005|01:21pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

yay im getting my permit this thursday most likely...well maybe saturday but if im awesome yeah ahahaha. im gonan drive to teh cornerstone right after i get it to and its gonan be the best thing ever since jeremey tearing people apart hahahaha. yeah anyways its just gonan be great

chris wilson is sexy as hell...anyways

wow i cnat belive summer is already over and school is just around teh corner...stone hahaahah sorry. but man it went so fast and well it kinda sucks its already done but meh i get to see all those lovely people i havent seen since june so im excited about that!...and of course i get to see cody lee fender and ill present him his totally awesome apc sticker and he shall love it...well for his standards hahhah I LOVE HIM GAH! woah its even weirder how this first football game is this friday o0o0o0o0o0o thats insane i never knew how fats stuff like that comes up behind you...i havnet realized alot until now for some reason maybe its now that something big is gonna happen??? eah eah eah???
i just dont know.

well yea tommorow theres band then wensday theres teh BAND FUN DAY omg hahaha its gonna sucketh lots and then theres more band practice this thursday AFTER the first day of school bullshit...then friday is teh football game as i already said but saturday should be fun cuase of movie nite at lyn-z's house...and now we have one more person woooo its now me lyn-z jessica and ANDREW WOOOOOHOOOOO! yeah we needed someone new and damn im glad he doenst suck assthma so it should be good fun...we are wtahing shaun of teh dead, team amreica and i <3 huchabees! liek teh first one i guess its like a welcome to andrew but whatever.

hustle and flow was a stupid movie with a bad ending hahahaha i was nto impressed whatsoever meh oh well i got in free so its ok

oh and peter jennings...this is for you man you rocked so hard
im out

I am over it

[15 Aug 2005|12:51pm]
[ mood | angry ]


1) Vicky Prat, Canada
2) Alan Julian, Kitchen, Canada
3) Tim Meths, Kitchen, Canada
4) Erin Lindsay, Kitchen, Canada
5) Jody Fisher, Quickener, Canada
6) Jessica Wallets, Kitchen, ON
7) Kathryn Soutane, Peterborough, ON
8) Julia Fife, Peterbrough, ON
9) Melody Thomas, Peterborough, ON, Canada
10) ~*Chrissy*~ Ontario Canada
11) Cheryl- Ontario Canada
12) Katie-Quebec Canada
13) Kinder Kearns-Quebec Canada
14) Jodi Tubman~Shawville Quebec Canada
15) Emily~Ontario Canada
16) Lauren Hall-Ontario Canada
17) Kristen Logan- Ontario Canada
18) Adrian Hinson - Ontario Canada
19) Alight McLeod- Ontario, Canada
20) Andrew Stewart - Ontario Canada
21) Caitlin Langdon - Ontario, Canada
22) Katie Dungeon- Ontario, Canada
23) Katie Dews- Ontario, Canada
24) Nicole R- Ontario, Canada
25) SHARON KENNEDY - Ontario, Canada
26) Katherine Graham- Ontario, Canada
27) Samantha Fox-Ontario, Canned
28) Wendy Fox-Ontario, Canada
29) Steven Fox- Ontario, Canada
30) Mallory Fox-Ontario, Canada
31) Jessica Fox-Ontario, Canada
32) Anne McLennan, Ontario Canada
33) magma trios, Ontario, Canada
34) Isabelle Kolodziej, Ontario, Canada
35) Tang Boracic, Canada
36) Stephanie Dorture, ON Canada
37) JA mess Truster, ON, Canada
38) Sandra Crooning, OT, Canada
39) Sack Bleacher, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
40) Taylor Vaughn, East Lansing, MI USA
41) Alex Rutkowski, Ann Arbor, MI USA
42) Sara Jozefiak, Ann Arbor, MI USA
43) Laura, Michigan "USA
44) Bryan, Michigan, USA
45) Nicole Ray, Michigan, USA
46) Nicole, Michigan, USA
47) Sonja, Michigan, USA
48) Lindsey, Michigan, USA
49) Marilee, Michigan, USA
50)Rajsh, Michigan, USA
60) Bowie, New York, USA
61) Odessa, Michigan, USA
62) Errand, Michigan, USA
63) Sara, Michigan, USA
64) De, Michigan, USA
65) Nick, Michigan, USA
66) Sam, Michigan, USA
67) Alive, Michigan, USA
68) Ink, Michigan, USA
69) Joe, Michigan, USA
70) Bryan, Michigan, AU
71) De, Michigan, USA
72) Vjorela, Michigan, USA
73) Rei, Michigan, USA
74) Tony, Michigan, USA
75) Erotic, Michigan, USA
76) Rachel, Michigan, USA
77) Ashley, Michigan, USA
78) A lessa, Michigan, USA
79) Danny, Michigan, USA
80) Robby, Michigan, USA
81) Regna, Michigan, USA
82) Evan, Michigan, USA
83) Tony, Michigan, USA
84) Miranda, Michigan, USA
85) Lays, Michigan, USA
86) Miles, Michigan, USA
87) Scott, Michigan, USA
89) Jason, Michigan, USA
90) Hunter, Michigan, USA
91) Mason, Michigan, USA
92) Jake, Michigan, USA
93) Bobby, Michigan, USA
94) Josh, Michigan, USA
95) Sarah, Michigan, USA
96) John, Michigan, USA
97) Fijian, Michigan, USA
98) Chelsea, Michigan, USA
99) Justine, Michigan, USA
100) Letter, Michigan, USA
101) Lauren, Michigan, USA
102) Jennie, Michigan, USA
103) Jennie, Michigan, USA
104) Jimmy, Michigan, USA
105) Jessica, Michigan, USA
106) Stephanie, Michigan, USA
107) Crest, Michigan, USA
108) D. J, Michigan, USA
109) T. J, Michigan, USA
110) Jennifer, Michigan, USA
111) Lauren, Michigan, USA
112) Alfa se, Michigan, USA
113) Misrule, Michigan, USA
114) Donec, Michigan, USA
115) Dangle, Michigan, USA
116) Elton, Michigan, USA
117) Maude, Michigan, USA
118) Wendy, Michigan, USA
119) Brian, Michigan, USA
120) Jeff, Michigan, USA
121) Danny, Michigan, USA
122) Holly, Michigan, USA
123) Jennifer, Michigan, USA
124) Rand, Michigan, USA
125) Steven, Michigan, USA
126) Chris, Michigan, USA
127) Joey, Michigan, USA
128) Taylor, Michigan, USA
129) Joe, Michigan, USA
130) Ray, Michigan, USA
131) Jared, Michigan, USA
132) Tin, Michigan, USA
133) Shane, Michigan, USA
134) Samantha, Michigan, USA
135) Nick, Michigan, USA
136) Kathleen, Michigan, USA

137) David, Michigan, USA
138) Brittany, Michigan, USA
140) Sahara, Michigan, USA
141) Ashley, Michigan, USA
142) Liz, Michigan, USA
143) Eva, Michigan, USA
144) Phoebe, Michigan, USA
145) Paige, Michigan, USA
146) Lydia, Michigan, USA
147) Lisa, Michigan, USA
148) Mirjeta, Michigan, USA
149) Go, Michigan, USA
150) Dana, Michigan, USA
151) Loren, Michigan, USA
152) Mara, Michigan, USA
153) Heather, Michigan, USA
154) Annett, Michigan, USA
155) LOMA, Michigan, USA
156) Bernadette, Michigan, USA
158) Marilee, Michigan, USA
159) Daniel, Michigan, USA
160) Mary, Michigan, USA
161) Tom, Michigan, USA
162) Mario, Michigan, USA
163) Bobby, Michigan, USA
164) Margo, Michigan, USA
165) Margin, Michigan, USA
166) Ramie, Michigan, USA
167) Fires, Michigan, USA
168) Sam, Michigan, USA
169) Sarah, Michigan, USA
170) Rowena, Michigan, USA
171) Lauren, Michigan, USA
172) Elaine, Michigan, USA
173) Rose, Michigan, USA
174) Singes, Michigan, USA
175) Irene, Michigan, USA
176) Becky, Michigan, USA
177) Paige, Michigan, USA
178) Jessica, Michigan, USA
179) Merino, Michigan, USA
180) Rebecca, Michigan, USA
181) Emily, Michigan, USA
182) Mealy, Michigan, USA
183) Cathy, Michigan, USA
184) Claudia, Michigan, USA
185) Loan, Michigan, USA
186) Jackie, Michigan, USA
187) Christina, Michigan, USA
188) Amanda, Michigan, USA
189) Amanda, Michigan, USA
190) Amman, Michigan, USA
191) Charnel, Sunderland, UK
192) Rachel, Sunderland, UK
193) Thomas, Newcastle, UK
194) Brad, Newcastle, UK
195) Frances, Newcastle, UK
196) Katy, Newcastle UK
197) Kim, Newcastle, England
198) Steep, Newcastle, UK
199) Jon C, Newcastle UK
200) Ellis Owe, Newcastle UK
201) Kathryn darraign, Newcastle UK
202) Jessica, Newcastle UK
203) Zara, Newcastle UK
204) Baffle, Newcastle, UK
205) natalie,newcastle,uk
206) Amanda, Newcastle, UK
207) Gareth Nelson, Newcast le UK:
208) Jason English, Newcastle UK:
209) Joanna, Newcastle UK
210) Maria, Newcastle UK
211) Abbey, Newcastle
212) Amy, Newcastle
213> Adele, Newcastle, UK
214) Amanda, Newcastle UK
215) Fin, Newcastle, UK
216) Louise, Newcastle, UK
217) James, Newcastle, UK
218) Marci, Newcastle, UK
219) Rachel, Newcastle, UK
220) Daniel Trainer, Newcastle, UK, there truly are some people who don't deserve to live, this bastard is one of them.
221) Samantha wicks, Essex, UK - omega poor lil kittens
222) Farad Gibbons, Newcastle UK, the kittens cud b given a chance poor lil things
223) Erin Doherty, Newcastle, UK - this is sick! (i went on the website!)
224) Haley Turner, Newcastle, UK- this is disgusting sum twisted bastards who do this! :(
225) Abigail Rid, Newcastle, UK - Can't bring myself to go on the website, I'm gonna go smash all the bottles in my house so if they're stolen et.(who would want to steal bottles?), they wont stand a chance in ending up in that sick person's hands!
226) Rory, CREF UK
227) Lesley carnoustie UK
228) hazel, carnoustie, UK
229) Julia Scott Carnoustie, UK this is horrible. will this petition actually help?
230) Jade Wallace, Scotland, UK
231) Francisco Lloyd, Warwickshire, England
232) Katie Merely, Warwickshire, England
233) Arch Woodhams, Warwickshire, U. K
234) Jacqueline Makin,Worcestershire,UK
235)Freya Luan, Manchester, UK
236) Robert denying Manchester UK, if you don't agree then u should have a cold death in hell i mean that
237) Danielle Howarth, Manchester, UK
238) Sierran Cunningham Liverpool UK
239) Charlotte Smith, Lancaster, UK
240) Beck Hodkinson, Blackbird, UK
241) Sarah Smith,Blackburn,UK
242) Becki Jackson lower Darwen,UK
243) Emily Harlan, Darwin, lances, UK
244) Katy Allen, St. Annis, Lances, UK
245) Zoe Jennings, UK
247) Grant Kerrie, UK .......NOTHING TO SAY JUST DO IT (sign)
248) Siobhan Harper, UK this is disgusting and sick plaza sign this
249) Hannah Catarrhal, UK
250) Philip kid, UK
251) gioia UK
252) Emma UK
253) Steep UK has jus twisted
254) Olli Richardson
UK 255) Emma Green, Stourbridge, UK i h8 cats but this is wrong
256) Amy Dickinson, Stourbridge, UK SKI N WRONG PPI SKI N WRONG
257) Sophie Watson, Wolverhampton ---> You wouldn't want it to happen To you, Would you?
258) thetas jus sad, faking counts, funk u u Chinese wankers. i h8 cats But Still -Sunny, UK
259) Sophie, Wolverhampton, UK- sick, who would do this 2 any living Creature?
260) Katie, castleford, UK, its so unfair 2 do it 2 older cats n any liven Thing never mind little poor defenseless kittens ITS SO RONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
261) Katie sheared normanton. Thetas so titer r u mentally disabled or Summat? Or 1 of those siccus on Americas most wanted? Cats do not go in Bottles.... coca cola n tango might but not bloody CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
262) Olive, Leeds, UK- Thetas just prop gay. GET THE SPCA!!! Poor Cats Y don't every gang up and shove him in a bottle!
263) Sam, Whitby, Canada
264) Blake, Whitely, Canada
265) Andrew, Whitely, Canada
266) Stephanie, Whitely, Canada
267) Alex, Whitely, Canada
268) Nathan, Whitby, Canada
269) Brittany, Whitby, Canada
270) Steven, Whitby, Canada
271) Kristen, Whitby, Canada
272) Sarah, Whitby,Canada
273) Tyler, Whitby, Canada
274) Josh, Whitby, Canada
275) Chris, Whitby, Canada
276) Chris, Whitby, Canada
277) Kelsey, Vancouver, Canada
278) shyanne, Vancouver, Canada
279) Vanessa, Port Moody, Canada
280) Inyae Lee, Port Moody, Canada
281) Kayla, Anmore, Canada
282) Carley Vancouver,Washinton
283) Hannah Vancouver, Washington, USA
284) Geneva, Vancouver, Washington, USA
285) Shelby, Vancouver, Washington, USA
286) Sierra, Vancouver, Washington, USA
287) Lydia, Vancouver, Washington, USA
288) Abby, Vancouver, Washington, USA
289) Theresa, Vancouver, Washington, USA
290) Scott, Vancouver, Washington, USA
291) Steve, Vancouver, Washington, USA
292) Lucille, Vancouver, Washington, USA
293) Nawatha Goerzen, Fresno, CA USA
294) holly Melvyn Ellis, Visalia, ca, USA
295) Jeff Ellis, Visalia ca USA
296) mend Ellis, Visalia ca, USA
297) Cory Ellis, Visalia, ca, USA
298) melody Ellis, Visalia, ca, USA
299) Cody Ellis, Visalia, ca, USA
300) Lindsey Griffith USA
301) Marisa Shipment, Visalia, CA, USA
302) Lays Johnson, Visalia, Ca USA
303) brad breve, Visalia, ca USA
304) Ian Forsythia, Visalia, ca USA
305) Hannah Clevenger, Visalia, CA, USA
306) Lauren Hale, Visalia, California, USA (please sign it would mean a lot to everyone on this petition)!
307) Scott Hale, Visalia, Ca, USA
308) Cheryl Sweden, Visalia, Ca, USA
309) Hannah Hills, Visalia, Ca, USA
310) Chelsea Hale, Vial, Ca, USA
311) Michael Hills, Visalia, Ca, USA
312) Tyler Jones, Visalia, Ca, USA
313) Jeered Jones, Visalia, Ca, USA
314) Sherri Jones, Visalia, Ca, USA
315) Ron Jones, Visalia, Ca, USA
316) Kristen Jones, Visalia, Ca, USA
317) Josh Don, Visalia, Ca, USA
318) Jade Don, Visalia, Ca, USA
319) Trash Don, Visalia, Ca, USA
320) Jeffery Don, Visalia, Ca, USA
321). ~*BeCcA RiCh*~. ViSaLiA, cA, uSa
322) Catherine Rich, Visalia, Ca, USA
323) Matt Bowman New Lebanon OH
324) Kristen Moody, New carlisle Ohio
325) Henry Piercey, Reading (kinda lol) UK. PLEASE SIGN! THIS IS SOOOO NASTY!
326) Rachel, Reading, England. OMG, PLEASE HELP THIS IS SO CRUEL!
327) Eleanor, Reading, England. Save them before more kittens are put in Bottles! ): ___; STUPID JAPANESE SHIT FACE!!1
328) Jacquelyn, Reading, England. Poor ickle kittens
329) Aparna deSousa, Reading, England. I hope that Japanese man is punished...the same thing shud happen to him to make him realize how HORRIBLE it is
330) Nithya G Subramaniam ............... please help us cause ' this man is soooo cruel toooooo those little things who have done nothing to him each name can help in putting a stop tooo this kind of acts from taking place .................
331)Urvashi Goverdhan, Bangalore, India
332) Tanisha Christo, Bangalore, India
333) meg,ipswich,england...deese people r sick, how would they llike 2 b in da bottle! :( poor kittens
334) claudia, ipswich, england
335) Abigail tall, England
336) Melissa, Ipswich, England
337) Rebecca, Ipswich, England
338) Nicola, Ipswich, England
339) Leanne, Ipswich, England
340) Maria,Ipswich,England
341) Sophie, Kesgrave, Ipswich, England
342) Sammie, Huddersfield, UK.
343) Clem' , Lancaster, Uk....
344) Jess,brum england
345) Dani, Tamworth, England , this is sick plz sign it, how could there be any 1 in this world who would wanna do that, it should be done to them see how they like it
346) Daniel, Caloundra, Queensland, Australia
347)Carl, Caloundra, Queensland, Australia
348) Nicky, Caloundra, QLD, Australia.
349) leona,QLd, australia
350) Grace, Qld, australia
351) Alyssa JAckson, QLD, Australia
352) Karlie, QLD, AUSTRALIA
353) Emily, QLD, Australia
354) Stephanie, QLD, Australia
355) Stephanie, QLD, Australia this is tha most horrible thing i have heard for a long time plz sign i luv kittens and i dont really wanna no dat this will keep going on
336) suzanne,qld,australia
337. melanie, qld. australia
338. Haylee,qld, australia
339) Jessica, qld, australia
340) Simmone,qld, australia
341) Bryana, QLD, Australia
342) Katie-lou, QLD, Australia
343) Blair_m94, QLD, Australia send hate mail to webmeowster@bonsaikitten.com he mus be a sick barsted
344)Michael, auckland, NZ
345) Karmel, auckland, NZ ....LETS SHOVE HIS FUCKING ASIAN ASS IN A JAR!!!!
346) Matt Harris, Auckland, NZ ,.,.,., Fucking gooks and Japenese Shit face
349) Tracey Glass, New Zealand
350) Roneel Hira, Auckland New Zealand
351) Krystal Gray, Rotorua, New Zealand
352) Vicki, Tokoroa, New Zealand
353) Raewyn, Morrinsville, New Zealand
355)Emma, Wellington, NZ
356) Jon a.k.a Jono a.k.a J Doggy Dog, Northland, NZ - People this is sick sign this and get it to 500! It is so cruel and fuck the cunts who do it.
357) Paula, Lower Hutt, NZ (This site is disturbing and sick. Lets do sumthin about it).
358) Asha, NZ
359) Sabrina, Lower Hutt, New Zealand
400) Brooke, Christchurch, New Zealand. Just for the record I didn't think this was happening in New Zealand but if it really is then we aren't such a great country. Anyone who does this or even buys these should be ashamed of themselves.
401) Holly, Christchurch, New Zealand - I also haven't seen/heard anything about this ever havine happened in New Zealand. Hopefully it isn't because it is sickening. I'm pleased to see so many people signing this petition. Hopefully it works, apparently it did last time. Might I also suggest leaving messages on the website, if this hasn't been done already, although try to stay away from overly abusive things because swearing at him and cursing him won't achieve anything, but reporting him to people who can stop him will! Also, for those of you who don't notice it further up, mail can be sent to webmeowster@bonsaikitten.com. I don't know whether this address exists or not, but it's worth a try...
402) Jennie, Missouri, USA
403) Soujanya, Hyderabad, India.---I think its a pity that such horrid things are happening, hope this will be put to an end soon.
404) Amber, Williamsburg, USA
405) Kristi, Williamsburg, USA
406) Mark, Williamsburg, USA
406) Joshua, Williamsburg, USA
407) Jessica, Chandler, USA
408) Laura, Chandler, USA
409) David, Chalder, USA
410) Amanda, Chandler, USA
411) Sarah, Chandler, USA
412) Cara Harding, USA
413) Lorraine Cornell, USA
414)Anna Jones, UK
415) helin khan, UK
416) Olivia Penny, Portsmouth England (R.I.P lil kitties <3 <3)
418)Marissa! Ontario, Canada
419)Emily Boshart Ontario, Canada
420 ) Nicole Ludington Ontario, Canada
421)Chris Schofield Newton Ontario Cananda Earth
422)Dustin Chamney Ontario Canada
423)Danielle Hockey Ontario Canada
424)Lisa Smith Ontario Canada
425)Elaine Seibert Ontario Canada
426)Courtney Stahle Ontario Canada
427)Melinda Hudgin Ontario Canada
428-Amanda Savage*Ontario, Canada*
429-Kayla Bunning Alberta Canada
430- Tonya Mikinion USA*
431-Britany Matthews Alabama,USA
432)Cheyenne Carter Alabama, USA,
433)Jess edwards Chatham Ontario Canada
444) Mabel Tu, Sydney Australia
445) Bernadette Phu, Sydney, NSW, Australia--------This is repulsive and nauseating just to think of it. Can't the bastard see that this is INHUMANE?! Are we intelligent primates or what?! Not only is it flithy having someone shove live animals into restricitve bottles, but ppl. are BUYING live animals shoved into growth restrictive bottles!!! I suppose it would be sick if the cats are killed, but at least they would be just like preserved stautettes, but they are desperately GROWING in these bottles! Com' on ppl. Only 55 signatures to go. We gotta put a stand against this!--------
446) Tiffany D, Sydney Australia- This shit is fucking sick. Shove the fucker in a bottle. Cunt.
447) Heather, Pennsylvania, USA
448) Tara, California, USA
450) Jason,s'vale,CA,USA
451) Coke, VT, USA
452) Cole, OR, USA
453)Alexa, Oregon, USA
454) K'la, Oregon, USA thats sick ive seen that before.. .
455) Peter, Bakersfield California. that.s fucking sickening.
456)devon-hollister,ca. thats fuckening sick :( poor kittens
457)Ashley, CA, USA this is eff'n nasty wat in the hell are ppl thinking by punishing poor definless animals??? we need to stop this!!!
458) Elisha, CA, USA
459) Celia, CA, USA
460) Brian, TX, USA
461) Ashley, TX, USA
462) Jim, CA, USA
463) joel CA, USA uhm woohoo, im 463, yea, lol, dude that wrong........
464) becky, wa, usa...is this shit for real? that shit's so fucked up omg
465)eric, ca,usa... wow that is flippin crazy
457)Danielle CA, USA...What a freaking sick man!!! We all know where hes going!! Down there!
458) Cheryl, CA, USA Those pictures were so sad on the website! I have a kitty and I can't imagine someone hurting it like that!
459) Ryan, Ca, USA Bastards!!! i i could find that piece of shit i would shove his ass in a glass jar, plug up his ass with superglue, feed him through a straw, and see how that sick cock-sucker likes it, that Cunt!!!! (sorry if this was offensive)
466) Kristine, CA, USA
467) Audrey Fleming, NE, USA
468) Belina, CA, USA this is sick!! people are so freaking sick and they literally need to get a life, for God sakes!!!
469) Rami Guirguis, Honolulu, HI USA
470) Zaaruck Martinez LAS VEGAS
471) Luke Rowley NSW Australia
472) Jade Anderson... cherrybrook.sydney.nsw.australia.this news scares me.. a lot.i dont like cats.but thats gross and wrong and now i will be nice to all cats just to make up for this stupid man who is an idiot.fat idiot
473) Jordan Saunders-Uk
474) Luci Howson- UK. this is so so wrong :( i wana fucking kill the sick bastards grr!!!! so yeh plz sign x x x x
4750 Rob Howson-United Kingdom
476) Min-Hwee, UK this is absolutely sick and the way they are making a joke about putting a baby inside instead of a cat! and those christmas cards...stupid fuckers...
477) adam-uk this shit is wrong mo'fos
478) jenna--this is sick!!!
479)Steve-O Frazier- what the hell?!
480.) Ashley, FL, USA
481.) Monica, Fl, USA
482.) Caylee FL, USA
483) Leslie FL, USA
484) Elena FL, USA
485)kathleen FL,USA
486) Kerry FL, USA
487) Casey, Florida, USA
488) cait, new jersey,USA
489)Beanie, Wareham MA (WTF that is sooo fukin wrong on sooo many levels)
490) Tiffany, Ma
491) Lyndsey, MA
492) Justin RD Westgate, MA ( that is mean, poor lil key keys)
493) Amanda - Ma(thats sooooooo awful!!)
494)Jordan, SC,USA (Fucking Sickos)
495)Christie, AZ, USA (lets do that 2 them! see how they like it!)
496)Jessie, GA, USA (AHH KITTIES!!! SAVE THEM!!!) damn fuckheads!!
497. Allissa, MN, USA. god i hope they stop this sicko fuckface!!!
498. Lyndsey MO I hope that fucker goes to jail the asshole who does that to animals! 2 more signatures to go let that fucker burn
499. Dana NJ, US I hope that fuckin son of a fucin bitch burns in hell that fuckin fucker i wanna stuff him ihnn a mutha fuckin glass bottle and suffocate him and fuckin kill him...FUCKIN WHORE
500.Alicia die asshole!!
501) Critter, OH, USA.... WHY??...what did the kittens do to you?
502) Courtney, NH, USA. i have two cats. and i could never imagine how horrible that is.
503) Kelly~ LA, USA
507)Kendu~Escondido, Ca, USA. that is sick the person who does that is sick.
508) Luke Hudgins Escondio, CA, USA it think OMG says it all.... im sick to my stomach now...
509)Alex Jones Esco CA USA, you insensitive bastard ima fucking kill you
510.) Kayla, NJ.. USA.. Thats so gay of him.
511)Anna..Lodnon, England/UK no, they cant do that to cats!
512) Corey..NJ,usa wow im not sure whats more fucked up. the people who sell or the people who buy.
513) Leslie ~ NJ, USA.... that was just too much for me! that man is one sick bastard!
514) Zach - MA, USA
515) ashley martin - Pennsylvania.
516)Krystal DeRosa, Pennsylvania,USA (being vegitarian..this is bvery very sad.
517:) Eilís Johnston- Nova Scotia {that is so fricken disturbing, even for me}
518) Lee-THATS SO SICK! im a vegiterian! :(
519) Courtney - OR, USA, thats gross.
520)Chloe- CA,USA.....thats sooo wrong!!!!
521) Amanda-CA, USA
522] Amanda- Ontario, CA [[that is SO sick and SO wrong.]]
523) frankie nagut, USA (thats terrible)
524) Jonathan Ordonez, Los Angeles, CA (tell me the address of this bastard and I'll kill him...)
525)stephanie-north hills, ca
526) Diandra- Baltimore, MD ( I remember that site; it was just so sad to look at)
527.)Caitlin---> Rio Rancho, NM (that dudes a sick fucker((sorry for the language but i think its necisary))
528. Artemis- Let's shut these fuckers down.
529. Jolene- Emmett, Michigan:: Dude..That shits so fuckin wrong...::
530) Rob-Dublin, Ireland. Kill those bastards...
531) Sarah H, USA
532) Elizabeth H, USA
533) Raymond H, USA
534) Katherine H, USA
535) Susan B, Fl, USA
536) Ray Sr, USA
537) Lindsay H, USA
538) Blake H, USA
539) Kyle H, USA
540) Mark H, USA
541) Cheryl H, USA
542) Paul S, USA
543) Mary S, USA
544) Natalie S, USA
545) Kevin S, USA
546) M. N. USA
547) Lynda H, USA
548) Brittany H, USA
549) Jacob H, USA
550) Jonathon H, USA
551) Scott H, USA
552) Marie G, USA
553) Ruth G, USA
554) Bruce G, USA
555) Sonia, USA
556) Emily, USA
557) Hillary K., USA
558) Maria P, USA...omfg...thats sooo sad.....i heart people that care
559)Emily, USA
560) Chloe, USA
561) arian, usa
564 :: Christine - Canada, some ppl are so sick.
565)Elva- USA
568) Amber-USA
570) Jennifer Lynn, USA
571) Julie Lawrence, USA -- that's so fucked up!
572) Mina S.--USA thats very fucked up
573) Courtney- New Jersey, USA
574) Brandon- NewJersey, USA
575) Alison-Illinois, USA -- That is soooo fucking wrong!
576) Drew - Illinois USA --put that fucker in a bottle for the rest of his life!
577) Jessi - Illinois, USA
578) Abe-New Hampshire, USA...Put THOSE fuckers in a jar and feed them through a tube!!!
579)Jacky-California, USA-this is disgusting.
580.) Tiffany - Florida, USA
581) Jennifer - FL, USA
582) Chris - FL,USA ~ Ive seen the site, its horrible, I dont know how signing this will help anything but ill do it.
583) Blake- FL, USA- that shit is fucked up
584) Kat-fl,USA
585) Alex Fl - Im not a cat person but thats fucked up!
586) Michelle-FL- I sure hope this petition works, because that is wrong.
587) Phil Rusek, Bradenton FL - I hate cats but this is wrong and being an American based company you think they would be subject to animal cruetly charges
588) Taylor Paige SRQ, Florida- These sick bastards are mentally unstable...I don't care for cats but I can definitely not tolerate animal cruelty...these people should be locked up
589)ashton, North Caroilina. this makes me so mad, these people should be crammed in a laundry hamper and locked in underneath a slab of concrete and fed crickets, sick effin bastards
590)shea,North Carolina,USA-i love cats..dont even get me started
591) Kaitlyn, NC, USA - sick mother truckers...poor kittys :(
592)Natalie Boone, NC, USA
593)leah garth, nc, usa leave teh cats alone


3 of you are I am over it

MOVIE NITE AT TEH THEATER [13 Aug 2005|02:33pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

muahahahaha anyways...
yay today we are having movie nite at lyn-zs theater and im excited cause merrr. me jessica lyn-z andrew and soem random erwin kids are gonna be there...maybe seana nd sam too so it should be grand as stuff. i wanna join the popcorn club...


i gotta to visit cody cause i gots him a gift and its awesome and im proud. i missed youth wensday and i feel bad abotu it THAT WENSDAY WAS MY B-DAY YAY IM 15 NOW!!! i can get my permit and ill drive and scare my mom even more than normal...i cant wait...im dreading school...my scedual couldnt be any lamer...well maybe if i had courus but whatever. oh and i think i am magic

yesssss my husband and wife thing is at 990 people wow i never knew i met taht many poeple i feel so cool

im gonna go and get andrew at 6:30...and maybe go to teh cornerstone :-)

You are Agonistic

You're not sure if God exists, and you don't care.
For you, there's no true way to figure out the divine.
You rather focus on what you can control - your own life.
And you tend to resent when others "sell" religion to you.

thats kinda cool
I am over it

hah [09 Aug 2005|12:37pm]
[ mood | full ]

What Icons are for you?(Thank you for #1!! Please check out my other Memes!!) by ladyallie
Favourite Colour
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Your Happy Icon is...
Your Angry Icon is...
Your Food Icon is...
Your Animal Icon is...
Your Random Icon is...
Your Cartoon Icon is...
Your Sexy Icon is...
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3 of you are I am over it

hahahah yeah [02 Aug 2005|12:44pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

i love cody :-D BLAH today im goin to dci night beat wooooooooooo yes thank you blake

Get Your Emo Kid Now <3

haha come to my b-day party this saturday at lake louise 2pm!
I am over it

mmmm BAND CAMP...trey i miss you [29 Jul 2005|09:57pm]
[ mood | weird ]

OMFG FINALLY! sorry i havent updated in a while...band
yessss band camp went so grandly...well...according to most...i wouldnt say that but yea i have a good feeling about it...as drew would say "can you say grand champ?" merrrr maybe if we try...I MISS TREY ALREADY!!! *cries* his cute wittle fat rolls made me drool...i love him to death AHHH

the band moms that have come up are so much cooler! and the 8th grade marchers are awesome and presious ...ben farthing is evil...and jake has an insane smile...and chris and his girlfriend crystal are sexy...ben clymber *i cant spell it* is pretty cool too!

yea this entry is mostly about band camp but can you blame me? its goin awesomely and just merrrrrrr NIPPLE *points at sean* hahahaha babies!! i think im in love with more than one person hahaha my parents are goin on the band trip...everyone in band is cool except...well do i even need to tell you cause tehre is only 5 and tahts really grand...i wish allen were there to share the amazing time with us...i miss him so...i wanna talk to cody and david...trey simpson is just wow...sorry but you all will ahev to belive me on that but WOW hahhaha except his games suck...but tahts ok LOOK ITS THE
DRUMLINE!!!!!!!!! i need new marching shoes...and well...hahahah arbys with jessica amanda lynnette and april is fun stuff...hahahahah april and the wedgie...tubas are supposed to be sad not happy! hahaah i am a greta magician...YOUR CLOTHES ARE RED!
im really gone gone gone for good

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MISSION TRIP/LIFE [24 Jul 2005|04:18pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

holy crap!
this past week has been very hectic/awesome/weird wow its teh kind of week i like. (me and jesscia got to see david again ^_^ and cody isnt mad at me for being stupid) muahahahaha anywho...the mission trip!!!!!! *go below*


savannah-pork and beans

it went very well, i mena yea only 5 people went and well maybe 6 cause kathy came at night to watch over us :-O hahaha but hey maybe it was ment to be like that. it was really hot and jeremey is really skinny and doesnt make a good pillow, we played with water guns (all of us) and i got soaked cause im too lazy to run. it was cool how savannah had devotions set up for teh rides there and such. even still i just slept and listened to my music mostly but it was good times. im not bad at card either and jeremey gave me new guitar strings which i really needed and me and blake have gallons not packs O_o "KATHY GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF TEH GUTTER" "but leah said jerrod jammed jessica" "SHE MENT LIKE ROCKING AND MUSIC STUFF" "o...hahah sorry" *everyone laughs* hahahah then i feel asleep outside and everyone paniced cause they couldnt find me. the cafes carrots were gross and i dont liek hiking and jeremey taking my picture 1000000000000 times...i got confused. me and blakes old people were cool. jessica laughed the whole time...no joke the whole time i thought it would end but it didnt. i cant give piggy back rides.

...it was very fun...and jeremey has nice curves...ummm LOOK ITS CHRIS AND HIS...ASS!!!

blake-jeremeys ripped
me-no hes just really skinny so all tahts left is muscle and vains
me-shutup you know what i ment
blake-wow im fat *pokes stomach*
me-...i think that old woman lieks you
blake-ummmm...ewww gross no! are we married
blake-is she climbing out a window
me-you wish
HAHAHHAH sorry it was funny

im not going to church today cause mom and dad forgot to wake up hahah ill go tonite tho...BAAAAAAAAHHHH I FEEL WEIRD! i think i need to go hang out with some peeps hahaahah *pours water on floor* mom and dad missed me so...i love cody!!! i got a western shirt
and im out!

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hahah i would take that offer [19 Jul 2005|11:19pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

Would anyone want to bang you? by phobia
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Wants to Bang you:
This many times:158
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hahaha sonic is awesome...SUPER SONIC SPEED AHAHAHAHA
hummm OMG I SAW DAVID TODAY AND I LOVE HIM SO! well i love cody more but david is presious!!! but then theres all teh water signs i know...mmmmhmmm! yea my updates havent been very...whatever haha well yea this thursday im goin on a trip thingy with my youth group and its gonna be fun!
i love you all...today was wonderful
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sounds about right [18 Jul 2005|05:55pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

Your Political Profile

Overall: 35% Conservative, 65% Liberal

Social Issues: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal

Personal Responsibility: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal

Fiscal Issues: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal

Ethics: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal

Defense and Crime: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal

I am over it

hahah lookie [17 Jul 2005|07:34pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:golddigger44
Your haiku:well yea i felt bad
for him but...im a crappy
person jessica
Created by Grahame

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:golddigger44
Your haiku:to see war of the
dead-leah hummmm im back from movie
nite...i dont think
Created by Grahame

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:golddigger44
Your haiku:ever since davids
ass since jeremey tearing
people apart...just
Created by Grahame

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:golddigger44
Your haiku:movie nite with lyn-z and
jessica...except when i
lost my teeth help me
Created by Grahame

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:golddigger44
Your haiku:was in my dream too
hahaha.i like cancers
and want some cancer
Created by Grahame

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:golddigger44
Your haiku:months...chris wilson is
awesome-leah maynard
what happened go
Created by Grahame

hahahah im awesome
I am over it

BIRTHDAYS GLAORE [16 Jul 2005|09:26pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

hey cool today is stephen thomas the drummer guys b-day!!! happy b-day stephen

anyways, bowling was fun...except when i lost that one times i became all depressed for liek 10 minutes cause my ego is fragial and im always having to feed it...hahaha oh well i got over it when ejremey started loseing (yea i felt bad for him but...im a crappy person) jessica got a strike and i didnt and we both like david mmmmmhmmmm...hahah anyways, im feeling good now

theres band camp coming up soon and its gonna be cool i guess...i hope allen gets to go!!!! ahhh that would be the best thing ever since davids ass, since jeremey tearing people apart...just anything!!!

i hope jessica had a good birthday...im mad still at the fact she didnt like kung pow!!! how can u not liek kung pow ahhh im gonna rave about this for atleast 4 more months...chris wilson is awesome and has good taste. i wonder what meh cody is up to at ze moment...hummm well yea hes amaizng and i love him so much forever OOOO

woah allen signed my guestbook on aim again...hahaha what an awesome guy. maynard...brad...allen...micah...lynnette...amanda...aries rule!!! (i still like cancers and want some cancer ass...)

me and jessica saw michaels sexyness and then we saw his ugly brother...michael is so awesome and i lovew him (as a friend) hahaha scorpios have cheap porn...O_o

i met a cool new leo chick today on meh xanga and yea go leos, hahaahah jeremey...bad thoughts...LOOK ITS EMORY
im gonna go go go explode!!!

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